Topic: Bookmarks (icons blank) (only 2 options for new ones) & shortfalls

I exported my G_Chrome bookmarks & imported into Epic via Html file. The icons are blank pages. Why? Is a fix in the works?

I just tried to save a new bookmark. I have my own filing system set up via folders. Why are they not shown as options as to where to save a new bookmark? Bookmark Bar shows them all. Bookmark manager shows them all. G-Chrome star shows them all. Epic star only shows 2 options even after I click "Choose another folder...". Why? Is a fix in the works?

A ton of new users commenting in this forum. Almost no activity indicating staff reactions via answers. Why? Is a fix in the works?

I was up last night installing & rejecting browsers until 7:00 am. I loathe MS browsers. I loathe Google. I loathe ads, popups, self-starting video, hijackers, injectors, trackers, miningware, ransomware, spyware & Googleware... Tested various browsers for ease of use, simplicity & privacy/security...

All failed until I installed Epic. Liked Brave a lot but actual functional use is at least a year behind where Epic is at today. Firefox Q is so complicated & cluttered. Their bookmarks a huge disappointment. Feature setup very disorganized. All over the page. A failure that seemed to go with the forks as well. Except Epic. Iron is way too chummy with Google. China/Russia closed projects? No thank you.

Epic is a very good start. I visited some sites I knew were huge popup, adware & even mining/ransomware sites. I have many security measures in place that protect my system from attack. I wanted to see how Epic reacted. G-Chrome allowed me to add-on several apps that provided protection & blocking for the entire time I used that browser. Epic stopped some ads & tracking. Malware page popups were not stopped & at least half of the ads remained. Do you test? I could send you a list of URL's & add-ons that stopped them.

I am going to continue to use Epic as my main browser for now. I will also continue to follow the progress of Brave.

For now, bookmark icons & adding new bookmarks via "Choose another folder..." are faults. I know your position is privacy over security & free user choice. So add-ons are a sore spot. Maybe a umbrella white list option of some sort for their use? Or sandbox their spy/report back capabilities? Or let them have phony info access to report back? Just thinking out loud.

Some kind of communication flowing back to us? History logs/lists of specific activity, fixes, wishes & bugs?

IMHO a very good start. Google continues to try & lock out all others. Their last update screwed up the practical use of even their own browser. I could not access some pages inside Navy Federal Credit Union. All rendering slowed by 25% to 50%. More bloat. They did not or would not respond to users either. I have Iron for emergencies & Epic for every day use. G-Chrome is gone.   Will see how much progress Epic & Brave will make in the foreseeable future. Epic is very close to "perfect" for me.

Thank you & God bless.