Topic: WebRTC & other questions

Would like to start off by saying I love epic browser and you guys are awesome. I understand from my minimal reading of your posted information that a default disable of WebRTC should be in effect. I always use for all basic security inquiries of each browser I use because I find it feature rich and effective; it has always displayed WebRTC as being enabled. You guys are obviously well aware of the security risks of webrtc so I am curious as to why it is shown enabled and how to disable it.

My second question is that the main reason why I don't have epic browser as my default browser despite how often I use it is that when I open various links, be it from my iMessages app, email, etc. always produce an error in bringing it up in Epic. That's the #1 reason why I don't have Epic as my default and the second but less important reason is that I don't seem to have an option to add or alter the default search engine settings in Epic. If this is solely because of monetary reasons, that's OK because you guys offer some premium freeware and I can always use my bookmarks toolbar despite the slight inconvenience.

Macbook pro 10.13.6 high sierra

p.s. Epic is still epic