184 standalone download

by obamadoesnotcare

186 closed page

by luckatlucky

190 ?

by mrnewkirk

191 ?

by mrnewkirk

193 source code?

by raydawgg

197 Include Ginger for spellchecking

by PerseidsGirl

198 Epic and Spotflux

by billjt

199 E.T.A. For Linux Support?

by dequire

201 translations

by gstat4451

202 Basic Understanding of EPIC

by Hairy Henderson

203 Restore session/batch bookmarking

by MichaelJames1600

204 Block Flash Player

by darkmaster

205 virtual keyboard

by nono95

206 Update Log.

by rene

207 Page zoom facility

by sewdomani

208 Tor button for Epic

by darkmaster

209 Are Java and Flash prohibited on Epic?

by conceptualclarity

210 New Window not new tab

by Besmirching