Topic: Linux Version of EPIC

Just ran across your browser by chance, a mention in forums of the Slimjet browser...

While reading your FAQ section, I could not help but notice this statement:

"We love open source software and Epic is built on open source Chromium."

Yet reading this forum any mention of a native linux version is that you are working on it.

Isn't this a little bit like running into a burning apartment building and rescuing everyone in the building before rescuing your own wife and children?

I know that sounds harsh, (I am only trying to make a point) but with the possible exception of ID software, I have heard this before.  Again I am not trying to annoy anyone, I just have to marvel at why any company that would develop software based upon open source code, would then choose to not release a linux version first. Or. would settle for a "WINE compatible" version when one of the major irritants of the open source community is non-native applications.