Topic: How to manually uninstall Epic browser?

I have installed Epic on a Windows 8, 64 bit machine.

The install routine didn't create a Start menu entry (I am using Classic Start Menu) and it didn't put an entry into Programs and Features.

When I click on the top right menu in the browser, there isn't any uninstall option visible.

Looking at the contents of  C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\ I can't find any reference to an uninstaller.

Can you please point me to a manual uninstall sequence for this browser?

Re: How to manually uninstall Epic browser?

I se something similar here, since the latest version, and resently theese two files was flaged by my malwareprogram (wsa)

c:\documents and settings\ad\lokale indstillinger\application data\epic privacy browser\application\40.0.2214.91\installer\setup.exe


Re: How to manually uninstall Epic browser?

Strange that there's no entry in Programs and Features. 

Not sure of the best route except to delete all the folders in AppData -- that's where Epic is located.

Re: How to manually uninstall Epic browser?

This needs to be addressed. It's not acceptable to have a broken uninstall system.

Is there a way to remove the app silently?
I have tried:
"C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\Application\58.0.3029.110\Installer\setup.exe" --uninstall
But with the same result: uninstall popup cannot be shown - even if the hardware acceleration in epic is disabled

Consider a silent uninstall like this if the underlying problem could not be fixed easily:
"C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\Application\58.0.3029.110\Installer\setup.exe" --force-uninstall

Re: How to manually uninstall Epic browser?

No software is perfect.  We're doing our best.  Thanks for the thought.  We unfortunately can not rewrite the Omaha installer, nor does a control line command have any real utility for a userbase as large as ours.