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I use some site daily and they have asked me to remove ad blocker
but I have no idea how to or where to even go look for it.

Can someone please tell me.

Thank you  :-)

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How do I turn off my ad blocker ?

Re: How to turn off ad block ...

To turn off adblock for any particular website, click on Epic's umbrella button then set "Block Ads & Trackers" to off.

Yes, a lot of sites are blocking adblockers, so in those situations you can try turning off AdBlock.

Here's another useful trick:  reload the page and quickly press stop.  If you stop loading the page as soon as the page has loaded but before the adblock-blocking script has run, you still read the whole article without having to stop adblock or anything.

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No page working anymore: Ad Block and Tracker stop prevents everything

I don't know what happened but now the "Ad Block and Track Stop"-function prevents loading pictures, login procedures (Gmail) and basically everything. Unchecking that feature on every page (even the steps between Gmail Login-welcome and final inbox) helps, but makes it useless to use. I tried "Reset" and even "Uninstalled" (kept the bookmarks however), but nothing works.


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Is the proxy off?  This is strange!