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Love Epic but need to sync my bookmarks across several PCs (both Mac and Windows). Would prefer to do it myself rather than use an app since I have a secure cloud account already I could use for this. Has anyone tried this yet? Any pitfalls? Where does Epic keep its bookmarks on a Mac and a Windows PC?

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To sync bookmarks, you can use Xmarks which is an extension in Epic's webstore. 

We wouldn't recommend you do this yourself as reading the bookmarks files is a bit tricky.

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how do I export bookmarks to a html file?

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To use Xmarks to sync bookmarks, first install it from Epic's extensions store (at the top left of Epic's settings/preferences page).

To export bookmarks to an html file, first go to the bookmark manager (enter chrome://bookmarks/#1 in the address bar), then click on Organize at the top, then select Export to HTML file.