Topic: cannot update epic

Hi everyone,

I have installed Epic V 38.0.2125.111 on my mac (el capitan)
I have tried to update it, but the only message I get is : "An error occurred while downloading the update. Please try again later."

Any idea why?


Re: cannot update epic

Hi Simon, this is strange...maybe your version didn't get updated to our new updater (from Sparkle) which we no longer support.  The best option is to uninstall Epic then re-install a fresh download from   ALWAYS download Epic ONLY from

If you need to back up passwords or bookmarks, please let us know and we can help you do that!  Xmarks is a great addon in Epic's app store to help you back up bookmarks btw.

Re: cannot update epic

I'm experiencing a similar problem on Windows when installing, the installer fails a few times, then claims to have worked, even though it has not.

Re: cannot update epic

Have the same problem

Re: cannot update epic

In a Windows Navigator go to:  %APPDATA%
then go to LOCAL
then look for the Epic Privacy Browser / Applications folder and see if there's an exe file that opens.

If so, then you have Epic.  If not, then the installation didn't work.  Try to connect directly to a fast net connection or try a different WIFI router, and try installing again.  Epic only works via our online installer.