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Can epic browser add a custom search method option like bing or google instead of having epic search as the only search method I donated money couple of days ago let me know if you guys can update that thanks :)

Re: Add custom Search method

We only want to allow built into the product totally transparent, private search that you're protected in the product.  To date, the only true private search engine in the world is to our knowledge.  You can always type g or b...or via epicsearch go to google/bing, but it's best to first try epicsearch even though our results could sometimes be better (we're working on this!).

Re: Add custom Search method is absolutely terrible. The search results make no sense whatsoever. A simple search for a local business pulls up personal blogs and a whole bunch of dead/defective links on the first page of results, while not returning the page I was looking for! The exact same search on every other search engine returns the desired page as the top hit.

I understand your reticence to make it seem like you are endorsing a company you aren't sure about, but if I can't use your browser for a simple website search then I'm just going to use a non-recommended search browser (or, an alternative browser altogether!). Ineffective searches are a dealbreaker!

Put in as many warnings and caveats and click-throughs that you need to make it clear to users that you do not endorse alternative search engines, but don't make it impossible for people to change this setting.

Re: Add custom Search method

What about DuckDuckGo?  Are they not established enough?  Thanks!

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We're working on better search options!  Unfortunately we have talked to and are unable to trust other so-called "private search engines".  If you care about private search, there's only true option, to our knowledge at present.