Topic: Epic For WinXP SP3

Dear Administrators,

I'm in a quandary re: reinstalling Epic on WinXP.

I had originally installed Epic on my daughter's laptop in early 2014.

Since then, I uninstalled in order to update. Newer versions will not install on WinXP as per the web-installer scheme you use.

Which is the last version that works on WinXP? Do you not have an offline installer that can be applied?

Chromium is of no help as they've abandoned WinXP compatibility.

My daughter misses the old Epic she used. Everything worked great! The other browsers I've tried just eat up the system resources on her laptop.

Any help?

Re: Epic For WinXP SP3

Yes, unfortunately Epic no longer works on XP due to Chromium dropping support for it.  We'll see if we can get you an older version of Epic...though we don't generally do that due to possible security issues.