Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Hi sathi.

A ressumè of the situation.

There were issues about accessing web-sites when proxy-global settings was conected –
ads blocking worked fine, and numbers of blocked trackers was shown in the small pop up window – but when closing  the websites down, there was no numbers of blocked trackers showned at the bottom of the browser.

A check in the advanced settings shown, that third-party cookies and sitedata was cheked out.

Therefore I tryed a fresh install – by uninstalling the persent version in controlpanel- installed programs, and removed the left overs in dokuments and settings and in regedit  - there were quit a few, and I wish there had bin a special tool for that purpose.

I Installed a fresh version - wich I suppose is the latest version -  but the results turned out to be the same as before.

Epic can`t connect to websites when proxy is on global  -  ads blocking is working – the small pop up window is working – but numbers of blocked trackers is not working proberly.


Re: Proxy Service has crashed

What is happening ?  Since yesterday when trying connect to any website with proxy global setting on ( os xp ) it is impossible to reach the chocen site – instead pops up a grayis colered site, either with some advertising links or with no tekst.

For a while now, enable proxy global has been very unstable, and now it seems to not working at all.

Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Hi mex,

Sorry for inconvenience, it shouldn't happen. Proxy is working for me. Something going wrong with XP. Can I get all your system details.



Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Yes proxy is working flawless and with no porblems on my win7 and Vista - but on xp sp3 there are present problems with proxy, wich I can`t figure out  the reason for – everything worked just fine until a couple af weeks ago.

All system details ?  can you be a little bit more specifik here . .

Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Hi Mex,

Thanks for your response. Yeah, I need processor, RAM and available disk space.


Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Here goes  - Xp pro, version 2002 sp3  - pentium(R) 4 cpu 3.00 ghz 2,99 ghz  -  2.49 gb ram  - disk space 67,8 gb available.

Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Thanks mex, sure will check thoroughly in XP.
btw, we released new version of Epic just couple of hours back. 



Re: Proxy Service has crashed

I begin to think it goes down hill with Epic – it is almost impossible to enable proxy in xp – every time I try it end up with this boring advertising menu ?
Cash Advance
•  Debt Consolidation
•  Insurance
•  Free Credit Report
•  Cell Phones
•  Life Insurance
•  Credit card application
•  Real Estate
•  Cheap Airfare
•  Finance

And now, the proxy icon is vanished in the browser on my win 7 -  hm, what is going on ?

Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Hi mex,

We are sorry for inconvenience.
very weird, can you share any screen shots related to advertising menu . 
For proxy icon disappear, browser restart should help you., it didn't work for you ??


Re: Proxy Service has crashed

Hello sathi - just to let you know, an uninstall and a thourough searching for leftovers solved the proxy problems in xp – and as for win7 the proxy icon is now back in place  -  so in a manor af speach, I am back in business - very nice    smile