Topic: Autoupdate / Update function

I'd like to have at least a button that can check if there is a new version available.
You know ... because of security patches and so.

Re: Autoupdate / Update function

Sorry we need to start listing the latest versions on our webpage.

For Macs, you can "check for updates" by the way.  Windows auto-updates -- feel free to post your version # anytime here to check it.

Re: Autoupdate / Update function

I agree with the serious need for both a 'Check For Updates' button and the LATEST and PREVIOUS Version numbers to be posted on the web site. I went from V34 to V39 before I even knew there was an update available.

I also would like to see the version number attached to the download file name instead of just 'EpicSetUp' i.e. EpicSetup-V39.0.2171.99 etc. I never know what the version number is until it is re-installed. Most everything else is good, no great, I couldn't be happier with another browser. I really really like this browser, but the lack of version numbers or update button is just SLOPPY Admins & Web Masters. PLEASE fix that.

Re: Autoupdate / Update function

Please stop adding epicupdate.exe to the 'HCCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run' registry key unless the user approves it. I make this key read only for security purposes.

Epic installer blows up with an assertion error if it can't write to that key.