Topic: Bitdefender, Imgur and Pocket.

First, Thanks for the great browser. It may not be perfect, but I like it and recommend it to everyone I know. So keep up the great work and keep protecting people's privacy.

Running a win 7 64-bit machine with a core i7, 2gb nvidia gpu and 8GB Ram. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Epic. Bit Defender 2016 and AntiMalware Bytes say the computer is clean of bad programs. Running Epic Version: 48.0.2553.0. The items below have persisted from version to version with no change in behavior.


1. Pocket crashes on every use and I have to reload the extension after clicking "save to pocket." The web page does get saved, but extension crashes. 
2. Imgur and a few other popular websites will occasionally refuse to load images or a Gif on a page. They will just load indefinitely. Refresh does nothing, but I did find that if I right-click the tab and select duplicate then the image(s) will attempt to load on the new tab and show up as broken links. If I then hit refresh on the new tab the images will load. This issue comes and goes; sometimes not for days and others multiple times a day/browsing session(s).
3. I just updated my AV, Bitdefender, to the 2016 version with included anti-ransomware protection. Once I turned it on I keep getting notices that Epic privacy Browser.lnk is attempting to install a program, "setup.exe" from a randomly titled temp folder. I have added Epic and the Epic update .exe's to the safe program list but the notices persist up to 10 times a day. Each attempt comes from a new randomly generated temp folder. My first thought was malware, but Bit defender and Anti-Malwarebytes both say the machine is clean. Second thought was Epic attempting to update, but 10 times in one day from randomly generated folder titles?