Topic: Epic & Flash? (pepperflash) - Not Detected

New to forum and Epic browser.

Great concept for browser - Thank you very much for your Amazing work!

Can someone let me know how to get pepperflash working in Epic? 
Version is 62.0.3202.94 and has an already outdated pepperflash.dll

I first found it either wasn't enabled or just didn't work. (not detected).
I then updated to latest pepperflash but no joy.  Still not detected.

There are many sites that use flash (games & vids) that have been safe for decades.
Would like to not have to switch browsers just for those sites. 

I haven't used latest chromium and noted the settings have changed (using 44.x now).

Lastly, I would like to be able to manually update flash because of it's nature.
What I did above to update was simply change the manifest and dll files.  Would that work?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Epic & Flash? (pepperflash) - Not Detected


Please download the uninstaller from the link:, uninstall the existing pepper flash.

Go to the link:
Step1: Select an operating system.
Step2: Select the FP for opera and chromium