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#2 Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Epic -Android issue » 2020-10-17 14:26:55

Replies: 1 website (alone) always crashes after the new update. Other websites seems to be okay.

Shows "Aw..Snap" error message. This happens after briefly showing the actual webpage.

Have tried most commonly suggested solutions including:
*Clear browser cache And app storage chace
* Close and reopen app
* Restart phone
* Uninstall App, restart phone, reinstall app
* Factory reset of phone and reinstall
* Tried on two different pixel (3a and 4a) and get exact same result

None of above has actually curated the issue.

EPIC for ios works fine on my iPhone for the same website.

Is this an issue with Android (possible) or just Epic Browser (most likely)?

Does anyone have the same issue with their Pixel or other Android phones? Results would help isolate if the issue is just with my phone or it app or system wide. Thanks.

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