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#1 General » DONATION - CALL ME CRAZY...:)) » 2023-06-20 18:05:46

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I would really like to donate to Epic Browser/Search Engine - I was thinking $50USD to start. 
I would also like to pay the $2.50/month to use - so that's another $30USD for the year.

I am on Epic Browser now running on Windows7(64bit) with ProtonVPN.

But no matter how hard I try, right now, I cannot find a payment portal on the two Epic websites.  When I have in the past, it is slaved to the evil, account destroying (censorship) and fake account creating:   Paypal.

So, for purely ethical reasons, I cannot use Paypal... but practically, twice now, I have tried to just process a credit card payment through it, because it was the only option offerred.  Both times, without having an account or doing anything else... Paypal created an account for me and started sending me notices about "my account."

I had to file formal complaints twice with the California State Attorney General to get Paypal to delete these accounts and to cease and desist.  No one at Paypal's customer service ever helped.  They all promised to take care of an "issue" only they could see with the only account I actually created.  It took hours on the phone to finally get someone who would "fix" the account in order to delete it... and that person only did what all of the others promised to do - because I was filing a California AG complaint.

Can someone send me a link to an Epic donation portal that has an address I can send a bank check too? or better yet, a STRIPE or some other merchant processor option?  There are at least a dozen other payment processors who are not linked to consumer abuse.

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