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#1 Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » Block Javascript please! » 2013-09-15 16:37:57

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In fact, have the ability like Firefox + NoScript to block all scripts on a customized need basis.

Javascript exploit was used on websites to discover the IP address of users at the other end of Tor network, so technically it also can be used on malicious or gray sites while using the proxy. (which I may warn is not a excuse to do illegal behavior as the NJ based Epic proxy could be nailed or monitored for their records)

Javascript is used to "sniff" browsers plug-ins etc., for vulnerabilities by the Black Hole Exploit Kit.

I like the idea behind the Epic Browser, but I don't like Chrome (nor trust Google) and how the onus is all on the browser programmers ability to keep Flash and Javascript secure.

I'd rather have the easy on/off option of not running scripts, until I trust the site, less surface area of attack potential.

Browser speaking, despite the huge funds thrown at Chrome and Webkit, it's still hasn't been all that reliably secure neither.

Users being able to tailor active scripts according to their needs and recent security issues is better option in browsers than Chrome's "we will take care of it all" measures.

Chrome from Google, it's a protection racket, what happens if they put in a backdoor? Why not use Open Source Firefox instead?

I also think the NSA/PRISM blocking angle should be dropped, they have access to everything, including what's going in and out of the ISP's so there is no hiding from them.

Well at least it's going to assist against marketeers and profilers.

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