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#1 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Proxy Stopped Working? --at bottom of Epic's Settings, "Reset Epic" » 2017-08-26 23:02:19


am on mac, past week getting 'Unable to connect to the proxy server'
tried chrome://net-internals/#proxy
PAC script: data:application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig;base64,ZnVuY3Rpb24gRmluZFByb3h5Rm9yVVJMKHVybCwgaG9zdCkgewppZihob3N0PT0nd3d3LmVwaWNzZWFyY2guaW4nKSAKcmV0dXJuICdIVFRQUyBlcGljYnJvd3Nlci5uZXQ6NDQzMDA7RElSRUNUOyc7CiAgIHJldHVybiAnSFRUUFMgZXBpY2Jyb3dzZXIubmV0OjQ0MzAwOyc7Cn0=

have tried reset without much success

?? solution

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