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#1 2020-06-25 06:31:01


Re: Security

Hi, great questions and thoughts!! 

Epic for desktop is software that runs on Windows on Mac operating systems.  For Epic to work that means it must send a lot of data/stuff to the Windows / Mac OSes.  So while Epic can delete all its data...there are often artifacts and other kinds of data that can be cached or stored in the O.S.  There are settings one can make in the O.S. to delete some of these files regularly e.g. pagefile.sys...but it's hard to make a strong claim that all traces are gone.  Epic does delete the dns cache, a very obvious way your browsing history is stored locally even after the close of every other browser's "private/incognito" browsing window....but it doesn't delete all the O.S. files.  It also doesn't overwrite deleted files on the HD which can be retrieved via forensic recovery. 

In terms of the second point, you seem to allude to basically running the browser in a virtual machine which yes would be fantastic for privacy, but it introduces a number of usability issues and challenges.


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