121 choose vpn

by madolva

122 What is new?

by gimpy

125 translation add-on

by mat711

126 Epic on Other OS

by copiouscaritas

127 Proxy Whitelist

by raging.metalhead

128 chromium

by Tyler

129 Linux Version of EPIC

by one_beerhunter

130 Epic Browser on Linux

by Gnomic

132 Epic search change

by maia

134 Roboform extention

by onedot3

135 Epic logo graphic

by peters

136 Android & ioS

by tdkomputing

137 Syncronization

by ericlost

138 DuckDuckGo - integration?

by DerJazzer

139 Blank start page

by bernibabe

140 Blank new tab page

by Windows_Security

141 32/64 bit

by enrico

142 64-bit chromium?

by SamuelMaki

143 Epic Email Service

by copiouscaritas

145 Browsing History

by prudhvi764

147 Ability to re-open recent closed tabs

by raging.metalhead

148 User-Agent

by Tyler


by ajaybhoir550