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#1 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Cant install yes I know other peolple have had this problem. » 2015-02-19 18:03:36

sathi wrote:

Hi zyp,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we had fixed this issue couple of days back, can you check now!!

I've just redownloaded the installer on XP SP3 computer and it's the same as before:
MD5: 8f87df1180905643c5c60097ee32adab *EpicSetup.exe
So why would it do any good to try again?  I restarted my computer before the first attempt.

Here's a graphic of the prior installation error situation:
It then completed the process and said the installation was complete, with a box containing a green checkmark, but it was not installed. Only some cache files, error files, and a log file. In cleaning up afterwards... I was able to delete all except the log file directly. I had to delete the log file in safe mode because it said something else was using it. A mystery. What was using it? I couldn't find any registry entries for Epic so hope it was cleaned...?

Google Chrome browser only works up to version 34 on this XP SP3 computer, then refuses to install later versions. I think it has to do with my processor AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2GHz, which lacks some needed operations/features.

#2 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Cant install yes I know other peolple have had this problem. » 2015-02-19 08:34:00


Same here. Not installing on my XP SP3, but installed fine on W8.1. FWIW I can't install current Google Chrome on the XP SP3 computer either. The last version it would accept was 34, then said future versions wouldn't work because the hardware wasn't supported. So I believe your installer needs to check for this first.

#3 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Any Solution for Instaling Epic in windows XP SP3 » 2015-02-19 08:27:49


It wouldn't install on my XP SP3. It said there was an exception (Code: 0xc000001d))and needed to close. The installer nevertheless proceeded as if everything was OK and said installation complete with a green checkmark. However nothing was installed, no shortcuts, etc that I could find. If it's a clue, I'm unable to install beyond Google Chrome portable 34 on this XP computer, says the hardware isn't supported. Any possibility, or just forget it?

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