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#1 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Pin to taskbar » 2014-04-22 19:28:03

This problem went away when I reinstalled a while ago, but now it's back -- and it puts an icon on the desktop, too (Win 7, Epic version 34.0.1841.0 (251262)).

#2 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Pin to taskbar » 2013-11-25 08:54:30

This was fixed for a while (I did the uninstall/reinstall thing and it was OK) but started happening again a few days ago. Any idea what might've changed?

#3 Epic Windows Bugs » Pin to taskbar » 2013-09-18 13:15:38

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Like the idea, but getting annoyed that it keeps pinning itself to my taskbar -- I can unpin it in the usual way, but a few hours later it's back again.

Please stop this. Thanks!

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