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#1 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » DuckDuckGo in Omnibox » 2018-08-14 10:00:16

bobrobot wrote:

Is there a way to add DuckDuckGo to Epic? I like it better than the default one.

type it in or put it in your favorites

#2 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Privacy Features & Privacy Concerns » Should I not use Gmail at all? » 2018-08-14 09:55:43

privatedude wrote:

I'm confused by the following that i found in

"Should I log into Gmail when I use Epic?"
"If you’re doing searches via Google in Epic, then we would strongly recommend you not log into Gmail while using Epic. Google’s new privacy policy allows it to aggregate your personal data across all its services. So if you’re logged into Gmail, then Google can track your searches."

So does this mean that Epic recommends that I not use Gmail at all?
Or does it mean that I should never use Google Search?
Or never use Google Search while in Epic?
Same question for Google Calendar, Google Drive....

if you want privacy in Epic. dont use Google. if you need to use anything Google then it will collect your info

#3 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » How to download chrome plugins? » 2018-08-14 09:48:20

soyyoya wrote:

If adblock is built-in, it isn't working. I see "ads" that should not be there. When using Vivaldi browser I use uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger and those "ads" are not on the same page in Vivaldi as I am looking at in Epic.

So, you think EFF is collecting info on users of Privacy Badger? I doubt that.

people make something that you can use , but in the background they collect user info . passwords. and bank info. all under the guise of something useful that works. not saying that is in your case

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