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#1 2016-04-21 20:44:44


Add Toggle to Eliminate Epic Search Default from Address Bar

I'm getting really, really tired of typing a URL into the address bar, only to have it go to an Epic Search on that URL rather than just navigating directly to that URL - which latter is what any rational person above the age of five or six would logically expect an address bar to do. 

Is there a way to turn Epic Search off completely?  I use DuckDuckGo exclusively and have zero intention of changing to anything else.

And when I type a URL into the address bar, I do it because I want the browser to go to that URL, surprisingly enough.  If I want to do a search, I'll navigate to a search site of my choice.  Can we get that obnoxious obstacle out of the way?  Is there a method of doing this that I'm missing somewhere?  'Cause I've looked and found nothing.


#2 2016-04-22 16:47:40


Re: Add Toggle to Eliminate Epic Search Default from Address Bar

Not sure why it's not going to the url.  This is strange.  Is it that the auto-complete is not working?  Or you've entered and press enter and it still searches for that at epic search?

We do not have Duckduckgo as a search option because we do not trust them.  We made many (literally a dozen) attempts to understand their privacy but they in the end refused to answer our questions.  Given Epic's emphasis on privacy, including Duckduckgo would serve as a kind of recommendation of them which we can not do. 

As of today, is the only search engine with real privacy and which is totally transparent about how it works to our knowledge...that's why we've included it so that all users in Epic are end-to-end private ;-)!   I also wish results were better but the funny thing is most of the time when I do the same search at google i don't get better do give epicsearch a shot, at least when you want to be private, it's the only choice right now.


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