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#1 2016-05-05 13:07:01


Epic is great, but..

Hey devs!

Dev speaking here. I wrote here a year ago or something (which I can not find) BUT you guys actually listened to my words: making the browser super safe and make NS4 go to hell. Awsome job!!!!!

BUT I still have to pass on your browser, and here are the reasons (MAC version):

1: it's 2016 and people still don't use mouse gestures. I use them. Opera had them pre-installed. You don't.
2: no customizable search:    g ${keywords}   ->  searches on for "keywords"
3: "private tab" is not needed anymore?
4: opera had this left side panel that had: notes, last visited pages, favs, etc.
5: "read later" would cool too

You get the picture? It's lacking of "hardcore" user stuff like Opera did until v12.17 or so.

If I would have these features I would finally switch.

Again security side:
1: encrypted proxy feature is awsome and fast. Major fail: dafault is off. Yes I can change the default to on BUT I think this is the time and moment when you make an actually change in the world to be a better place: by setting it ON by default. Just Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2: did you made sure that even you can not decrypt the cached proxy data or any of it's form of kind? So if NS4 knocks at your door then you can say I can not do anything about it. They will come..


#2 2016-07-19 20:20:54


Re: Epic is great, but..

Yes why there is no private tab? I think that should be a standard browser thing.


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