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#1 2016-07-10 17:43:33

History Being Saved - Links Not Working

OSX 10.11.5
Epic 49.0.2575.1 (64-bit)

There is a file (Library/Application Support/HiddenReflex/Epic/Default/Preferences) that has contains urls of websites I've visited in the past (i.e., not the current session - some I've haven't visited in weeks).  You will need to figure out a way to clean up this file to maintain the claim "Epic does not store your history for security & privacy reasons..."

I believe the "links not working" issue was flagged a couple of months ago so I am surprised the problem still exists.  The issue is simply that hyperlinks in emails or documents (anything outside the browser really) will launch Epic (if it is set as the default browser) but will not actually resolve the link.  The workaround is to copy and paste all links into the address bar, but that has become tiresome, so please fix this.


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