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#1 2016-08-12 13:30:46


How to add CRX extensions if I wrote them or if know they are safe?

I started writing a tutorial for beginners on how to port extensions from Chrome/Chomium to Epic, but there are a few problems that prevent even basic installation.  The "Load unpacked extension" and "Pack extension" buttons are missing (not that they are always necessary), but still, they are needed if Epic wants to encourage extensibility. The real kicker for me was that when I drag a valid CRX file onto the Extensions page, I see the familiar "Drop to install" message appear, but dropping it does not in fact do anything.  And yes, in case anyone was wondering, of course I have the "Developer tools" box checked!  I thought the problem was the extension, but I tested several, and they all install without issue on other Chromium-based browsers.

If this feature isn't meant to be included in Epic, then why does that "Drop to install" message appear?


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