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#1 2017-05-03 08:14:46


More extensions: VPN + Do Not Track Me / Default search engine

For Chrome and firefox this is working fine but I missing it in your extension list: … nmka?hl=en

This tool scrambles your google profile (yes, I am logged in while using epic). Why don't you have it?
Make VPN a built extension. I use epic at work and would like to have it channeled via my paid VPN provider. Why isn't there a tool that allows me to do it?
The search engine you provide as default is not usable. I always need to use bing or google. Why can't I change it the way I want?


#2 2017-05-25 05:04:50


Re: More extensions: VPN + Do Not Track Me / Default search engine

Thanks, interesting extension, we'll consider it.  We support very few essential extensions as many record and sell your browsing history e.g. the ironically titled "web of trust".

You can disable the Epic proxy in Epic's settings or you can always turn it off.

We're working on improving -- please try to use it as much as you can as it's the only truly private search engine in the world.  We don't support any non-private search engines at present such as bing or google, though you can reach both with one click from EpicSearch.


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