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#1 2017-07-05 15:29:27


Hardware firewall - can EB Recommend a hardware firewall ?

Can EB Recommend a hardware firewall ?

Hi Dear Epic Browser, ty for all.

I have now seen my own graphcis nvidia software go online alot
I dont need that !

So in Epic Browser style i did think, how can i as privat user take action against this,
now disabling dont work and windows firewall will not block it ?!

Im willing to pay 400 - 1000 $ to get my peace.

I have now even begone searching with text like
hackers bests hardware firewall in pure desperartion of what should i get ?

If the hardware firewall can act as proxy too, it is not seen as a drawback form my side.

Sry to take EB with this ? but I feel totally clueless - I just want my peace :-)

And EB see there is an issue on the internet, that it is a warzone and we need
to learn to take care.

Respect for all your work EB !


#2 2017-07-08 04:36:03


Re: Hardware firewall - can EB Recommend a hardware firewall ?

Sorry, I personally can't recommend anyone, it's very hard to know who to trust these days unfortunately :-(.  Maybe another user has some ideas.  If you want strong IP protection, you can use a VPN service in your router, but there are no real trustworthy VPNs out there yet :-(.  To block all those calls and ports, a firewall is could probably also buy used ones relatively cheaply on ebay -- not sure which hardware companies believe privacy is important though. 

For extreme privacy in browsing, run something like TAILS in RAM...but remember that the TOR Browser is generally to be considered insecure since many nodes are run by hackers.


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