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#1 2018-02-09 16:15:11


Possible for Epic to access Mac Keychain?

I've used Safari for years and have a ton of passwords in Keychain. Now I've just started using Epic. Can Epic somehow access Mac's keychain? Is there a plugin to facilitate this? A way to import Keychain's contents? Thanks.


#2 2019-06-03 13:10:01


Re: Possible for Epic to access Mac Keychain?

I have the opposite question. Since the recent big Epic update, each and every time I use the browser to go to a site where I have to log in, it asks to access my Keychain info. I don't use Keychain, so that doesn't help me. Furthermore, the process of the browser deciding to ask me in a dialogue box if it can use my Keychain always slows it down.

I use Epic on two different computers, after I found this feature/bug on one after updating it, I decided not to update on the other machine. The only downside is I always get a tab asking me to update my older browser. However, at least this doesn't slow it down. However, I'd prefer an option where I could have the most recent browser and not have it ask every single time to access the Keychain. Is there a way to change this preference? I run Epic from a jump drive for maximum security.


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