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#1 2018-08-30 23:29:17

I can't install Epic Browser (being approved)

Epic Browser is good!
May be it is the best protected anonymous browser.
But, there is a problem.
I reinstalled OS (Win 8.1) and now I can install your browser again.
Installation window says that it connects to internet, start to thinking, sometimes do not answer for a while, and then announce that installation is completed.
But it is not completed.
There is no any Epic Browser in the system!
I suppose the access to your servers are blocked in our regional net and installation files are not downloading...
May be there is other reason...
Is there any possibility to download Epic Browser in one piece?
Or is any other possibility to solve my problem?

And also there is one question.
If my suppose is correct and yours servers are really blocked on our local level, will "Epic Browser" works after the installation (if I will managed to install it)?

Anyway, big thanks to developer team for really good browser!


#2 2018-09-20 02:19:54


Re: I can't install Epic Browser (being approved)

We only support Epic installation via the installer/updater. 

Not sure what's happened. 

You can try uninstalling Epic then deleting the Epic folder, then re-installing.  When installing Epic, be sure to be connected directly to a modem with a good connection.

To delete the Epic folder, in a Windows Navigator window type %localappdata% then delete the Epic Privacy Browser folder.

Upon installation go back to that folder and see if a .exe file is anywhere inside.


#3 2018-09-21 01:55:27


Re: I can't install Epic Browser (being approved)


A i am from Russia. Our provider blocks the installation of your browser.  IMG: 1. We check the requested (from our servers)  IP, and fail! 2. We check the requested from other servers - all right.

Please change IP or/and add new IP.



#4 2018-09-21 03:51:48


Re: I can't install Epic Browser (being approved)

Hi, I had the same issue just a few minutes ago. Found out the reason was the ISP blocking the DNS name for Epic Installer. Temporarily using proxy in the Internet Explorer(eq. mine was port 3128, a Russian IP) would allow to complete the installation of the Epic Privacy Browser.


#5 2018-09-29 13:36:56


Re: I can't install Epic Browser (being approved)

hi blacktomcatwww, you need to download service pack for your windows version from microsoft website and update your windows to run epic installer and other installer which download data from internet.thanks - Ashutosh


#6 2019-06-14 19:40:49

No One

Re: I can't install Epic Browser (being approved)

I have the same problem. My ISP blocks your site and the installer. I can bypass the block by connecting through a webproxy and download the installer, but then my ISP blocks the installer from connecting.

I run Epic Browser on another computer at another location and with a different ISP. Is there any way I can move or copy EB from that computer to this one? I. E. is there any way I can download the app (not the downloader) from one computer and install it on another without it having to connect to your server?

(Sorry if I'm not making any sense. English is not my first language.)


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