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#1 2018-09-02 01:34:09


Problem1:When I open a video(html5video only) then I got very boosted moonster sound problem(It works by ffmpegsumo.dll I think.Coz if I delete it..Then it does not play boosted audio for other flash videos but then it cannot open Html5youtube videosXD.Please fix this problem...Ithink if epic markes its self flashplayer as v27orv30...Then TargetWebsiste will not maximize or minimize flashvideos's sounds and then it will work okXD....
Problem 2:Why your epaic browser lagging my pc so hardly by opening multiple epic.exe in my background ? I checked background processes by "ProcessExplorer program" to see EpicBrowser's stupid subprocess for understand how lagging. if I open single tab...Then epic automaticly opening 2 extraHiddenTAB(2 extrahiddenprocess),Then I see background 1mainEpicExe(itisOkForProgram'swork) but why 2 extra epic.exe XD?Spying /spammingXD? ...And amazingly if I open 2 tab...Then I see 4 epic.exe totally togetherbyMainEpic.exe,if I open 3tab,Then i see 5epic.exe,if I open 4 tab,Then I see 6epic.exe XD,if I open 5tab then I see 7epic.exe.if I open 6tab then I see 8epic.exe . Note:I hit enter in every tab
please update that and make update v40.0 ok? And why you are deleting my messages or comments from Facebook without answering or helping? who was your bad facebook administrators which ones never listen users ? This so bad


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