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#1 2018-11-14 22:54:34

is there ANY way to install extensions from chrome web store etc?

title. i really am enjoying this browser. the adblocking is working fine as far as i can tell. i enjoy the built in proxy (thank you) and i like how i'm not seeing anything google related which is very nice.

however. the adblocker won't block youtube ads and it still shows placemarkers of where ads are on every website. the point of adblocking is to remove that interface from our eyes not just gray it out. i'd probably rather see an ad in some scenarios lol. in short, ublock origin is required in my view for this browser. the built in one doesnt have enough customization options

there are a few "high contrast" extensions i need too for ease on my eyes and i really miss my enhancer for youtube extension.

there must be a way around this?


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