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#1 2019-04-24 07:29:49

Where are the socket and umbrella?

Hi guys. Im new here. Epic says there is a socket icon at the far right of the address bar and there is supposed to be an umbrella close to it, too. I'm seeing neither. When I open epic, the only thing there is the star icon for bookmarking pages. I'm using a Mac. What am I doing wrong? thank you!


#2 2019-09-08 03:20:55


Re: Where are the socket and umbrella?

Hi, sorry that those extensions may have been blocked somehow when you installed Epic. 

Please try these two options and see if they work: 

At the bottom of Epic's settings page, try "Reset Epic" then close/re-open Epic. 

If that doesn't work then, please go to Epic's folder in %localappdata% (for Windows) then go to Default then look for your folder which is KalpSD_71 or KalpSD_75...delete that folder then close & restart Epic.


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