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#1 2013-09-10 13:39:55


Do Not Track Me is anti-privacy

Why does Epic Browser turn on "Do Not Track Me" and only remember settings at a site level?

I don't want Epic telling any websites not to track me.  Doing so actually (by definition) sends some information about me to the website.  The best way to deal with this from a privacy perspective is simply don't load any tracking elements at all (radio silence) and never send ANYTHING to websites or advertisers that you don't need to.

Suggestions to improve:
1. Please turn off "Do Not Track Me" by default (or remove it altogether as nobody trusts advertisers to respect opt-outs)
2. Please allow me to set "Do Not Track Me" settings globally - not on a per site basis.
3. Set some "design principles" for your browser that you should adhere to for all decisions and get community input

An example strawman (Design Principles):
1. Design for security over usability (OK to 'break' a website loading, if doing so would compromise privacy of the user)
2. Never send personally identifiable data to anyone without user consent

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#2 2013-09-10 21:50:59


Re: Do Not Track Me is anti-privacy

Great thoughts and request -- thanks!!

Epic blocks tracking elements including ads and tracking scripts. 

We can understand why you don't want the DNT signal sent out -- it is also close to useless at this point as most are ignoring it.  The implementation of DNT by companies isn't clear, but it shouldn't decrease your privacy at all, but increase it as it may stop some first-party tracking -- third-party tracking Epic is already blocking.  All that being said, we'll work on adding that back to the settings to adjust the global setting.   

We need to put up a new page with our principles but here they are!!
1.  Privacy Means.  What you browse and search should always be private. 
2.  Just Works.  As much privacy as possible without breaking the internet. 
3.  Not Trust Based.  Our privacy products & services should be private by design, you shouldn't have to trust us to delete your data.


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