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#1 2013-09-10 12:45:37


Ability to configure loading off-site/domain content

I'd like to see a feature that allows me to restrict the amount of content a website loads.

For example:
1. User requests website
2. Browser should allow configuring accepting content from * and* in loading that page
3. Browser should allow configuring blocking content from third party sites - eg. in loading that page

This is not about blocking ads or 'tracking' - it is about blocking off-domain or off-site content.

It prevents companies or conglomerates that share data with each other.  So, if I go to, the browser should only load CNN content, not content on another domain just because the website has embedded it.

This is especially useful where javascript is involved.  I need javascript on for the browser to be functional - but it is not cool for some script to then load ads (which the adblocker should stop) or content on other domains that could be used to track me (but not as an ad, or a specific tracking device).


#2 2013-09-10 20:44:50


Re: Ability to configure loading off-site/domain content

Thanks for the feedback & request!!

Do you use something like RequestPolicy or other addons or settings in any other browser for this?

We understand your concern.  We didn't block all third-party content because CNN & almost all others (including!!) use CDNs and other third-party content hosts.  So if we blocked all third-party calls, it would effectively break the internet. 

So we use a blacklist of trackers/tracking scripts to block thousands and thousands of trackers.  We don't know a better way at this point.


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