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#1 2013-09-11 03:05:10


Proxy, iGoogle, etc.

I installed Epic, signed in to Epic on the Settings tab, and...

Everything seemed to work OK until I tried to watch a two-minute clip from a speech by Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a YouTube applet on I got hit with a swarm of repeated attempts by no fewer than thirty-eight (!) tracking vultures. The browser locked up and failed with six seconds of Sen. Warren's clip remaining.

I closed and reloaded Epic, and noted these changes:

> The proxy toggle doesn't seem to work. Once I toggled global proxy, I can't seem to turn it off when I go to iGoogle. I'm a new user every time! If I sign in, the GMail widget doesn't work, and I can't open GMail via the "Links to Google Services" widget. I realize that this is a temporary problem — iGoogle will be going away in November — but it is, for the moment, a bit of an inconvenience while I'm trying to find a reasonable substitute for iGoogle.

> I also find that the Google Calendar widget can never load on igHome, which I'm trying (and I'll keep looking, as it's a bit clunky). Likewise, I can't seem to sign in to the Twitter widget on igHome.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Epic, and noted that it remained dysfunctional.

FYI, I'm using an older HP 6000 laptop (AMD Turion CPU, 4GB RAM) running Windows 7 Home Premium. The Windows firewall is turned on, and I'm using MS Security Essentials AV (I would rather use something better, but a couple of MS web apps I must use (with MS Internet Explorer 9, of course) curiously work far faster and better than previously with Avast or AVG. Go figure...!)

I liked Epic for ±everything before it broke, and I'll use it for most surfing. It seems to do fine with almost all pages I visit, but Sam Smith's Progressive Review page will not display at all. I realize that I'm using the first release of Epic, and I'm very happy that someone out there has produced a browser that fends off irritating cyberlice without extensive post-installation extension additions and tweaking. Kudos to y'all! I look forward to subsequent releases!

I realize that this is like an arms race, and it's the business of staying one step ahead of the pack of parasites determined to commoditize everyone out on the 'Net. I do appreciate you and your efforts, and I wish you great and continuous success!


#2 2013-09-12 03:44:09


Re: Proxy, iGoogle, etc.

Thanks so much for your support & for the great feedback.  Sorry about the problems you're facing, we're here to help. 

Sign Into Epic -- sorry that code is an accident, will be removed in imminent update!  That's a google sign-in and please don't sign in or google may track you! 

iGoogle -- This is because is set to automatically go to the proxy.  You'll notice that there the icon has a little search magnifying glass on it.  Basically search engines do track you by your IP which is why we automatically route all search engines via our proxy.  You're right it makes logging in a bit of a pain -- sorry about that. -- It's a problem with our Ad/Tracker Blocker -- something we block is killing the whole page?!  To load this site click on the top right "Umbrella Button" then turn Ad/Tracker Blocking to "No".  Neat site btw!

Sen Warren Clip - Locking Up --  I just watched part of it with no problems.  No idea why it locked up - I promise you it's no conspiracy from us+CNBC.

How did Epic break?  Is it no longer loading pages or working well?  You may need to go into %AppData& via cmd in the Windows search box and then delete the Epic file from the Local folder -- though uninstalling Epic should remove all of that -- within the Epic menu itself is an uninstall option that's actually much faster than Windows uninstall.


#3 2013-09-13 18:43:36


Re: Proxy, iGoogle, etc.

Video issues.  We've investigated & there are sometimes video issues especially on YouTube in Epic with the latest official Flash .168.  On some machines Flash is fine, on some it's an issue.  It's odd because Chrome and sometimes IE have unreleased versions of Flash presumably more advanced than the official Adobe release (.9x). 

We don't know why Adobe hasn't made any changes to Flash updated in/available to all browsers.  We've reached out to YouTube and Adobe to address this.


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