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#1 2013-09-11 17:42:23

Secure caching mechanisms, and font list

Love Epic, am currently trying it as my default browser. I have two suggestions.

First, Epic could cache the web. All it needs is a cache that randomizes cache lookup times to within a Gaussian distribution of return times from the web server(s) in question. This could be a togglable option, but would make cache timing browser fingerprinting hard while still reducing network traffic.

Secondly, Epic needs better protection against browser fingerprinting. Go here:

Epic still fingerprints pretty well. Disabling plugins or setting them to click-to-run improves the situation quite a bit, but it still looks like Epic leaks quite a bit of information about time zone, installed plugins, etc. There should at least be options to conceal this information.


#2 2013-09-12 02:26:58


Re: Secure caching mechanisms, and font list

Hi Adam, I'll start a new thread on fingerprinting.  Epic blocks tons of fingerprinting scripts.  We have in fact implemented and could offer many protections against stuff in panopticlick, but it would be nowhere near comprehensive - making fingerprinting impossible is quite tough. 

Interesting in regards to caching!  We thought building a browser was hard - caching the web!!!  Hehe!!  You seem rather knowledgeable on different types of fingerprinting and have creative ideas - please keep sharing them, I"ll start a new fingerprinting thread!


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