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#1 2019-07-15 01:35:43

Bookmark Bar and New Tab Page.

Just started using epic, and when I bookmark pages I get a generic white icon. Wondering if there is some way to get it to show the site's icon, as I like to just have the icons and no description to save space. Also wondering if there is a way to change the new tab page to a designated url, or at least be able to get rid of the 2 tabs that just give some general information about the browser.

Thanks in advanced.


#2 2019-09-08 03:22:45


Re: Bookmark Bar and New Tab Page.

Sorry, that's a known bug.  Basically it's hard to separate bookmark images from site images so we delete them on close of Epic.  We're going to try to fix this eventually in an update.


#3 2019-10-06 12:34:47


Re: Bookmark Bar and New Tab Page.

This is the reason i don't using the Epic Browser. It's an issue that never been addressed, i know its only a minor thing but Until its fixed its a no no for me.


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