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#1 2013-09-24 11:50:06


Strange lettertypes


I have just installed Epic for the third time today but I still get strange typography in the navigation- and other bars, which I cannot read. If I copy them to show them to you, they appear as Western types in this letter. The generally installed lettertype is Western (ISO-8859-1). Internetpages I can read, it is just the navigation- and other bars that are giving problems.

Bert Altena


#2 2013-09-24 21:46:58


Re: Strange lettertypes

Hi! Please go to "Settings" then to "Languages" and see what Language is set.  If it's not English, add and select English. 

I suspect this could be the problem - I believe there are many languages that use Western (ISO-8859-1) encoding.


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