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#1 2013-10-14 07:03:48


Epic Icon

I have installed Epic browser on Windows 8. Everytime I restart the computer I get a new Epic icon on my dektop. Of course this is rather unpleasant.
Is there any solution for this strange behavior ?

Thanks in advance.


#2 2013-10-15 20:14:20


Re: Epic Icon

Sorry about that - it was an issue for Win 64 bit systems.  We're trying to update our installer to correct this for old users.

When did you install Epic?  Our most recent update corrected this?  Please try uninstalling Epic, then reinstalling the latest Epic from our site. 

Also, in re-installing Epic "Ignore" any errors you encounter - chromium uninstall isn't the cleanest, we're not sure why, but we're working on cleaning that up. 

Let us know if that solves the issue.


#3 2013-10-25 10:37:43


Re: Epic Icon

Hi nete,

This problem has been resolved in latest Epic. Please download the latest Epic. You shall not have this problem.


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