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#1 2022-01-02 00:19:24


Re: Epic Privacy browser crashes too often

Here is what I recommend.

1-Under "Advanced", Reset Epic.
2-Backup data and delete Epic then re down load. Make sure it goes in the "Applications" Folder (you probably already know this)
3-Allow "Incoming communications" for Epic  in Firewall options
4- You might update to MacOS Monterey as it works well on both the Intel an M1.
5- If you are using anti virus disable or make the appropriate settings to allow the download. Please check your antivirus and white-list Epic from it -- please make sure it's not quarantining any Epic files. (from Alok)

If these don't work repost. Good luck!


#2 2022-01-27 03:50:13


Re: Epic Privacy browser crashes too often

Not sure why anyone has faced any crashing issues.  Epic has worked great for us on all recent Mac versions.  It may be if there are too many tabs open depending on the RAM in your system.


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