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#1 2023-03-30 17:00:32


Re: Session Recovery (Mac)

I would delete it  after backing up your bookmarks, passwords etc. then do a reinstall. What OS are you using? If it's an older Windows we may not support it, make sure you get the download from  here


#2 2023-04-21 02:22:11


Re: Session Recovery (Mac)

Please bookmark liberally any pages you need to save.  We're working on more flexible browser history options in the future to avoid these kinds of issues. 

Yes, if Epic was shut down, then the browsing data files would have been deleted unfortunately.  I'm not sure off-hand the files that have browsing history...if you can somehow get the old "default" folder then you could copy that into a new Epic session (over whatever default it has) -- though probably the 4 folders related to browsing data and history may be sufficient to copy over. 

You can try forensic recovery software which can recover "deleted" files that weren't over-written in the hard drive.  I don't have any specific ones to recommend.  You can also check OS files that cache data potentially?!


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