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#1 2014-04-11 20:48:41


Proxy & Data on Hard Drive

Hi, first of all thank you for trying to make the Internet more private!
I've tried Epic Browser and I've tested its behaviour, and I'd like to make a few suggestions.
First, when using proxy my real IP leaks since your proxy is behaving like a transparent proxy (check on whatismyip dot com). This should be fixed ASAP, since a lot of user don't check if proxy is actually working and could surf the internet thinking they're anonymous.
Second, from what I've understood looking in Application Support folder (I'm a Mac User) it seems that Epic stores the name of the websites visited (also cache/cookies?) on the Hard Drive and then deletes/wipes data on exit. This should not happening, everything should be stored in memory which should then be purged on exit!! Writing on disk is extremely risky, especially with SSDs because wiping is not effective and TRIM is not always on.
Hope you'll fix these issues, I'd love to use a privacy browser faster than TorBrowser!!


#2 2014-05-09 15:22:27


Re: Proxy & Data on Hard Drive

Thanks -- we're working on all of that!!

Cookies will get saved during the session otherwise many websites wouldn't work -- but only first-party cookies.

We're working on reducing any even temporary cache / history saved -- thanks.

Blocking IP leaks via plugins is difficult -- we'd like to do this, but it's not easy which is why TOR by default disables all plugins.  If keeping your IP secret is of critical importance, we would definitely suggest via "Settings" to set plugins to disabled or click-to-play.


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