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#1 2014-04-24 15:29:53


Removing "Trackers blocked" pop up

I have a suggestion about the pop up which comes in this browser which shows number of trackers blocked. Having such a count is good, but some time it is kind of disturbing. Say I am using google maps, and wanted to try street view and this pop up just comes over this street view icon and I have to wait till it goes off. Similarly in facebook the pop up appears over the chat list. My suggestion is to remove the pop up as soon as a mouse pointer is hovering over it. Just a suggestion


#2 2014-05-08 21:36:14


Re: Removing "Trackers blocked" pop up

Occasionally it DOES get a bit distracting but here's a slightly different idea:

Suppose there could be some sort of 'cumulative' log file for all the blocking EPIC performs during a given online session.
Sure, I know opening a new tab yields a running total but that info goes away when closed.

In order to demonstrate the value of EPIC to those unfamiliar with it, I've begun recording stats, before closing the browser, to show what it does.
05/05 Mon     Tracking totals:  330 Third-Party Cookies Blocked  1118 Trackers Blocked
06/06 Tue     Tracking totals:  262 Third-Party Cookies Blocked  1116 Trackers Blocked
05/07 Wed      Tracking totals:  144 Third-Party Cookies Blocked    379 Trackers Blocked

Those to whom such objective, measurable, numbers are presented are more than a bit SHOCKED -- particularly with numbers in excess of 1,000 -- by the efficacy of your product.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a file that accrued these numbers automatically, for subsequent analysis, graphing, or just plain PROMOTING this wonderful browser?

In and of themselves, the pop-ups demonstrate to new users what EPIC's doing.
Putting it altogether might make an easy "convincing argument" for using EPIC!


#3 2014-05-09 15:38:45


Re: Removing "Trackers blocked" pop up

@saneem89, you can click on the box to make it disappear, other option is to go to umbrella button, disable Tracker Notifications to "Off"

@MadmanR, Thank you for the feedback. We shall take note of your points and see what we can do there.  Between Have you tried the option that appears in our new tab page on the left to see who's spying on you in other browsers? It also has some great & persuasive data.  Let us know what you think!


#4 2014-05-09 15:43:45


Re: Removing "Trackers blocked" pop up

@MadmanR  thanks so much, we agree that we wanted to quantify the extent of tracking for users because it's just unbelievable!!  We would in theory love to aggregate the data, but we also don't want to store any data about a session after it's over hence we haven't saved it as of yet...but we'll see if there's a private way to do this. 

Do also see the data in the "Other Browsers Spying On You" via the new tab page...let us know if that's also persuasive.


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