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#1 2014-06-06 05:17:32


some new live apps

Hey there, i was using this browser since the first edition, but this one is little different.
I was expecting some live apps which Indian users look into a browser, yes we are edicted to those apps.
and you just tries to remove that ediction
but some real apps like "live score" and "live weather updates" with no tracking allowed.
just the sites will deliver the data on their own no user tracking.


#2 2014-07-03 10:29:10


Re: some new live apps

Hi Gautam,

Thanks for your support.

We release a new browser with focuses on providing the privacy solutions to the users.
We are trying to solve some major problems like tracking.

Why don't you try this browser. Hope you like this.

Feel free to write us your feedback.


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