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#1 2014-06-20 11:24:48


split epicbrowser to be two version

like google chrome it has 4 version
remove features to reduce CPU and RAM usage, also reduce startup time

1. remove random messages on startup

2. remove bookmark detect on startup: it ask me to import bookmarks when there are zero bookmarks.

3. remove speed dial: we can use bookmarks instead of it

4. remove all the graphics animations, the animations are so annoying, worthless at all

5.remove (speaker) graphics animation from tab: it appear while playing a music, i always remember which tabs is playing music

6. remove built-in scrollbar and allow to use (system scrollbar):
perhaps for most chrome users, the chrome built-in scrollbar have a better look, but not for me, i like the windows system scrollbar.

7. remove (automaticmally redirect) or make an disable option
this is an very annoying feature, some websites has an issue with it, keep using auto redirect to reload their website and never stop

8. remove (chrome title bar) and allow to use (system title bar)

9. remove (chrome menu bar) and use windows style(menu bar)

10.remove (chrome new menu style) and allow to use (windows system style)

11. remove (new tabs)(reload)(duplicate)(pin tab)(close tabs/other/to the right)(bookmark all tabs) from right click tab menu

12. remove (favicon) from bookmark or make an disable option
it is useless for me and some people

13. remove create application shortcuts from (menu bar ->Tools -> Create application shortcuts...
instll epicbrowser will create application shortcuts automatic

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