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#1 2014-08-04 22:46:11


Open Tabs at Startup & Cool Previews 4.2


Thanks so much for the wonderful program!!!
My compliments to the whole team!

It sure fills the needs with the nearly complete demise of privacy that is occurring.
I have just started using Epic so I am still learning my way around.

The two things I really miss from Firefox are:
1. When Firefox starts--Show my windows and tabs from last time
2. Cool Previews

1. I like to work with quite a few tabs open and it would sure be helpful if they could be loaded at start up; however, knowing Epic doesn't save settings I can see why it can't be done.
So is there some other work-a-round?
If not here is another extension that may work; it is called Copy Urls Expert 2.2.1
It allows a right click on any tab and selecting Save all Tabs in This Window.
The list than can be temporarily saved and the items can they be quic

2. The other help, is to be able to view a hyperlink contents without have to open a tab.
If that introduces too much of an issue I also have used Interclue 1.6.3 that does about the same thing.

Thanks again for the Great program.


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