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#1 2015-11-13 07:36:13


Several Tracking methods and spoofing

On your frontpage you explain that companies track you via several tracking methods, my question is, does epic browser does something against tracking with enabled javascript and flashplayer? Probably not I guess, and if not, is there a method to spoof the information you give via javascript and flashplayer?


#2 2016-01-09 00:08:37


Re: Several Tracking methods and spoofing

We block scripts from known trackers.  We can't spoof information into Flash b/c flash is its own thing and takes data from the o.s. itself (well maybe it can be spoofed but that would be very hard!).  Javascript functions could be spoofed in theory but we're not spoofing them now as there's not much point to it since a determined fingerprinter could just use Flash.  We do block known functions like canvas image data or webrtc calls which are being widely used to track users -- so we do block those and will block other such leaks as we either know they are being exploited or that they can be blocked without breaking a lot of websites.


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