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#1 2015-12-24 08:24:57


PLEASE multiple tabs warning

PLEASE give us the option to remove the multiple tabs warning. We do not need you to ensure that we don't accidentally close our tabs and lose our history. I don't want my history. That is precisely why I'm using this browser.

Please, we have been asking for this option for years. It would be easy to add a simple checkbox on the options page to turn off the warning.

For new users coming over from Chrome who are not used to this warning, it is a major turn off, and for many a dealbreaker. I tried Epic three times and gave up on it three times because this warning is so ridiculously annoying. And it is even more ridiculous that there is no option to turn it off. It makes your browser feel like a shoddy, second rate app.

Yes, I know that's subjective and you and your little internal group debates have concluded otherwise. But you ARE losing a significant amount of business because of this.

Just give us the option, then everyone will be happy!


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